New-look vehicle fleet of Nationwide

03 August 2005

Customers of Nationwide Crash Repair Centres Ltd will benefit following the launch of the crash repair specialist’s fleet of rebranded courtesy cars, delivery vans and rescue vehicles.

The gleaming vehicles, all resplendent in white paintwork with orange-and-blue Nationwide branding on the doors and sides, were a sight for sore eyes as they were delivered to Nationwide’s crash repair centres throughout the UK this week.

The existing Nationwide fleet, has been expanded with the addition of new vehicles which includes 18 new Iveco Eurocargo 75E17s, each of which is plated at 7.5 tonnes with 17 fitted with slide-back bodies with spectacle lifts and one featuring a twin-deck body built by J&J Conversions.

Five new Ford Transit Connect vans have been added to the fleet of parts delivery vans and all 2,800 courtesy cars have received a similar corporate style makeover. The majority of the courtesy cars are on a 12 month renewal program and consist mainly of Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo.

The new-look vehicles are the next stage in a comprehensive overhaul of Nationwide’s corporate identity that began with the publication of the Nationwide Accident Repair Centre handbook in December and continued with the launch of the company’s new web site ( at the beginning of February.

Nationwide chief executive Michael Wilmshurst said: “Nationwide has invested heavily in its vehicle fleet in order to offer the best possible service to our insurance clients and crash repair centre customers.”

“The roadside is often the first contact that many people will have with our organisation and we believe that the quality of service we offer these customers is just as important as any other part of the repair process. The branding on our vehicles is intended to reassure them of the uniformly high standards they can expect from Nationwide, no matter where they may be in the UK.”

“First impressions are lasting impressions and, as the UK’s biggest crash repair organisation, we believe it is important that we convey the right corporate image to our customers,” he added.

Further information:
Michael Wilmshurst, Chief Executive Nationwide Accident Repair Services Ltd. Tel: 01993 701720